Welcome to Dolk's weapon engraving

I undertake traditional hand engraving to all types of hand weapons and knives.

The types of engraving undertaken are scroll, animal motives and gold inlaying.


My name is Lars-Göran Dolk, and I am resident in Smålandsstenar, Sweden. I engrave traditionally with a graving tool. This time honoured method is ancient and I will continue to endeavour to maintain tradition at all times.

Please note that I do not use any jigs, patterns, printing blocks or clichés. All engraving is drawn first and guaranteed unique. All work carried out is signed when the object is completed. 

My motto is: Mutual trust between the customer and myself.

For quotations or concerning your special wishes, please contact me.

E- mail: lgd@dolksvapengravyr.se

Postal address: Karlsberg, S-333 33 Smålandsstenar Sweden

Phone: +46 371 32443